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Who We Are

A Woman's Club Member summarized her experience belonging to the Woman's Club as "Civic duty mixed with charity, add some lovely friendships, and a little bit of tea."

The concept of civic duty is based on the principle that citizens owe some allegiance to their government and that government in turn protects its citizens. By banding together in 1910, the Woman's Club has made many successful civic contributions for over a century. That civic pride continues today.

The Woman's Club also operates the St. Cloud Heritage Museum. The Museum's goal is to preserve historic records of the individuals who have lived, worked, and grown St. Cloud.

Charity is the act of giving help to people. This comes in many formats, but as a group, people can make a bigger impact. The Woman's Club's mission is to empower women to improve their community and provide scholarship assistance.

Friendship is a type of relationship between two people who care about each other. Socialization and mutual working toward a goal make friendships grow and mature. The Woman's Club provides these opportunities.

Tea is a multicultural beverage. Its soothing and enervating properties are recognized and valued in cultures around the world. Sharing tea brings people together. Like tea, the Woman's Club brings people together... for civic pride, charity, and friendship.

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